Saturday, May 25, 2013


I guess it was October that the notes and reports started coming home from school.

"he refuses to do his work"

"he was disrespectful"

"he chose to lay on the floor and say curse words for an hour instead of participating"

It wasn't just one... but three, and they were all in the same class.

So the meetings began. And for the past 9 months I have been at the elementary school meeting with the principal and 5th grade teacher at least once a week. Sometimes it feels like a burden... and I can get frustrated with them, myself, the teacher, director and especially with the Mexican school system. However, what has been so cool to see is the way that God has granted me favor within the school. I have spent our meetings teaching and explaining the ways that the trauma my kids have experienced affects their current behavior, how the teacher can best work with them and designing plans for how to help serve them educationally within the context of their school.

School is especially hard for our kids for many, many reasons. The trauma in their lives has left their brains underdeveloped. Years of neglect from busy caregivers has left them unaccustomed to the routine of homework. Other kids call them "the children's home kids" and make fun of them for being dirty poor orphans. School is a tough place for our kids. So the fact that God has allowed me to be so involved to improve their school experience and bring them up to the level of their peers has been an incredible blessing.

One bittersweet experience seems to sum it all up for me.

One day at school a girl taunted one of my kids by saying "you're such a loser, your mom doesn't take care of you and nobody wants to take care of you"

And he defiantly yelled back at her.

"If nobody takes care of me, why is it that I do my homework everyday and you don't?"

It breaks my heart and makes me swell with pride all at the same time. The hours of homework and the hours of meetings are all worth it. They are heard. They are valued. They are worth fighting for.

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