Saturday, March 2, 2013

Giving Back

 A few weeks ago at church the kids of Casa Hogar Douglas were given the opportunity to give back. During our church service the kids got to learn a little bit about a children's home Back2Back support in Port au Prince, Haiti. They learned about the kids that live thousands of miles away from them and learned that they barely have enough to eat and that their meals never ever include meat. So they were asked the question "what can we offer?". After some time spent debating they decided what they had to offer was themselves. With that in mind they set out for a car wash. It had been arranged with a U.S. donor that for each car the kids washed 15 dollars would be donated to buy meat for the kids in Haiti.
I was so proud of the way the boys worked. They actually got really into it and loved washing the cars. In total they raised around $400 to buy meat for the kids in Haiti.

That night we talked about how great it feels to do something to help someone else.

We prayed for the kids in Haiti and prayed they would enjoy their dinner.
My prayer was that my boys would be filled up by pouring out.

A lot of the circumstances in their lives have left them victims and the temptation for them is to believe that is all that they are, the victim. But what I loved about this day is that for once they weren't the ones that needed help. They weren't the poor orphanage kids that had people donating food to them. Instead they had something to offer. They were the ones doing the giving. My prayer is that their car wash sparked something in them. I pray it sparked the desire to give to others and the understanding that they don't have to be the victim. 

They are awesome, incredible, precious, blessed beyond measure and they have something to offer.

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