Friday, October 5, 2012

Seven Faces.

These seven faces have taken over my life. They are the seven faces I wake up in the morning and the seven faces I tuck into bed each night. They are seven faces that can dissolve in to tears, anger or giggles in the blink of an eye. Seven faces that can give me such joy and cause me such heartbreak all in the same 10 second span. They are seven faces that look to me to provide love, care, protection, guidance, discipline, answers.

Sometimes, it gets overwhelming... in the spirit of being totally honest I'll just come right out and say it... sometimes I miss my life. I miss being able to go out to eat with friends, watch movies, go to the mall, get ice cream, or just hang out without seven little faces by my side. My temptation is to pout and say "this is hard and I wish I my life back".

The other day, I was listening to music and thinking just that "i miss my life", when a song came on that put me squarely in my place. The lyrics of the song say...

I wanna be your hands & feet.
I wanna be your voice every time I speak.
I wanna run to the ones in need in the name of Jesus.
I wanna give my life away all for your kingdom's sake.
Shine a light in the darkest place in the name of Jesus.

I love this song and have sung it, journaled it and even prayed these lyrics so many times. And what I realized is that God has given me the opportunity to do just what I've prayed for. To give my life away in His name. At least for this season, he is giving me the chance to give my life to seven little faces that he desperately loves.
So maybe I don't get to go to my favorite restaurants or watch movies and tv shows and eat ice cream and be "normal" but instead, I am getting the opportunity to give my life to seven little faces... in the name of Jesus.

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