Sunday, September 9, 2012

22 days

It's been 22 days ... 22 days since I became the primary caregiver to 7 boys. It's my day off and I finally have a chance to breathe, so I figured I'd catch you all up on the past 22 days.

About a week before I was set to return to Mexico I got the news that several caregivers had left Casa Hogar Douglas. Two of those caregivers were one of the couples that Caroline and I had regularly been giving a day off for the past year. The children's home was left with a huge gap... there was no one to take care of my boys. So the choice was obvious. We would do it.

However... Caroline didn't come back to Mexico until a week after I did... therefore I was alone for week one... their first week of school... first week with new caregivers... their first week with new rules and a bed time... and by the grace of God, we made it through :)

Now that Caroline is back we are able to tag team and it has definitely lightened the load. I feel like it's such a crazy and unexpected situation that we've ended up in. I turned 23 two weeks ago and I celebrated with my 7 kids. That's not normal. But isn't that how God seems to work? I can't help but feel like we're being swept up into a plan that's been a long time coming.

It's been a super busy and a times really difficult 22 days. We're getting the natural friction that comes from a new set of rules and boundaries, getting new caregivers and grieving the ones that have left. My favorite quote so far has been "You're a big fat hippopotamus and I hope you die" in reference to me... because I asked one of them to please get in the shower... he wasn't having it.... clearly. It's moments like that when I'm pushed to my absolute limits of patience but I have to keep reminding myself it's a season of adjusting and transition for all of us.

Even so, the truth is, before I moved in I was so in love with these boys and now I get to be with them all day everyday... I get to tuck them in and pray with them not once a week but every single night... it's like I won the lottery.

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  1. Even though I miss you very much, I'm so glad you didn't "stay home, live with your parents forever, and never grow up"! You are doing so much, for so many and making such a difference in so many lives. I am proud to call you my friend! Love, Julie.