Sunday, July 8, 2012

Swimming Lessons

In case you haven't heard... it is HOT here in Monterrey pretty much starting in March we're lucky is the temperatures drop below 90 degrees. One of our favorite ways to beat the heat is to go swimming... however as we began taking the boys to the pool we came to realize most of them couldn't swim. They just spent their time walking around the shallow end of the pool and splashing each other. So, I became a swimming instructor. And we now have 4 new swimmers! They jump in the deep end, swim to the side and even have races.

Jonathan was sooo scared when we first ventured down to the deep end of the kick board. It was SO awesome to see him overcome his fears and put his trust in me and now look at him!

The day Guillermo finally swam into the deep end all by himself he told me "I didn't think I would be able to learn how to swim! But I did it!"

Cesareo is now trying to learn to dive... it pretty much always results in a belly flop... but he never seems to mind.
Miguel was the last to get it, and is still a little nervous at times... but last Tuesday did it! "I learned how to swim!" he shouted as he swam back and forth in the deep end.

Now we all love swimming :)

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