Saturday, July 7, 2012

Showing up and Showing off.

A few weeks ago I was listening to the prayer of sweet 10 year old before bed. He was praying and thanking God for everything that we were able to do that day. He can tend to be a long winded prayer in order to stretch out the bedtime process and spend just a few more minutes with me at his bedside. But I always do my best to listen to every little word he whispers... and this night, I was so glad I did. As he got to the end and began to pray for his family I heard him sweetly asking God that his family would have the time, money, and desire to come visit him this weekend. He hadn't had a visit from them since April. We said amen and I told him good night and silently echoed his prayer that his family would visit.

And you know what God did??

That weekend his family not only came to visit but they also picked him up! He got to spend a whole day and night with his mom!

When I heard that he had gone home for the weekend I was SO excited to remind him of the prayer that he had whispered the Tuesday before. We got to talk about the ways we know God hears us and I got to watch him break into a huge smile and joyful giggle as he could trace the evidence of God working in his life.

It was definitely the highlight of both of our weeks.

Thank you Miguel for reminding me that God hears us and is faithful to not only show up... but also show off.

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