Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Going to School!!

I posted awhile ago on facebook about a very sweet eight year old's first day of school... but I thought I'd share a little bit more of the story.

He arrived at the children's home in late October with hopes that it would be just a short two month stay... but the circumstances have changed and well... it looks like he'll be with us for quite a while longer.

We don't have any of his official paperwork such as a birth certificate. As kids come and go and bounce from place to place, this is veerrry often lost in the shuffle. This was going to make it almost impossible to get him into school. Additionally, he has never been to school before, therefore this was going to make getting him into school even more difficult. And since, at first, it was only going to be a two month stay, the children's home made the decision not really push the subject. For his first three months, he just didn't go to school. And as you can guess, this really didn't sit well with the teacher in me... so Caroline and I made him homework. We got a backpack, a folder, some photo copies of the standard book they use to teach reading here and set him to work. Anytime one of the boys asked if he went to school he'd say "Yes, I go to The School of Sammy and Caroline". I worked with him one on one maybe 5 or 6 different times and then suddenly... it was January when he picked up the book "Go Dog Go" and just read it. 

We were shocked... there he sat in a chair ... reading. Nothing short of a miracle.

I was really struck with how big a miracle this was when after a few weeks of being able to read he said to me "Hey, can I do that thing that you do with the stories??" "Read???" I asked a little confused. "Yeah that thing! How do you say it? Reeead?". He didn't even know the word for to read! In spanish by the way. He didn't even know the word for what he was doing! But he was doing it!

This is just one of the many many many ways God has shown up in this little guy's life... I hope to share more of his story later because it literally brings me to tears just thinking about the way the Lord's hand has been on his life.

Anyways... back to his school story. So in January he started reading and already knew all his numbers and could do addition and subtraction... it was time to get this little guy in school.  I was so frustrated with the way he had to just sit and watch as the other kids came and went... he wanted to go to school SO badly.

But we still didn't have his papers... and then God intervened again.

The week of February 20th a new director came to the kids school. This was our chance! It was my job to get his dorm of boys up that morning. I woke him up and said put on a uniform... we're sending you to school. He immediately starting screaming and jumping up and down. I had to gently remind him that we weren't sure it was going to work... but we were alllll going to pray. So we prayed...  and do you know what the school said??? They said YES! even without papers!

And because he could already read... they put him in SECOND GRADE!

He came running home from school that day yelling "I WENT TO SCHOOL! AND I GET TO GO BACK TOMORROW!!!"

And now we do homework together everyday... and he still loves it.

God is moving and shaking in this little man's life... I can't WAIT to see what he does next. 

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