Tuesday, February 21, 2012

A sweet reminder.

I tell the boys I love them a lot. I just want to make sure they hear it and know it and know that even when I'm mad I still love them. Well last night I was taking care of the little boys all by myself for the first time. I was getting the last ones bathed and cleaning up the bathroom when I heard them whispering and plotting in the living room. As I made my way out to the living room to see what they were up to, I was tackled and told I was not allowed to see yet because they were making a surprise. After about 30 minutes of being banished to the bathroom I was led to the living room with my eyes covered. On the count of three I was allowed to open my eyes and found this lovely sight at my feet...

Translation: Te quiero Sammy, Courtney, Caroline .... I love you Sammy, Courtney, Caroline

It was such a sweet reminder to me of the way they Lord is working in my relationships with the boys... he's building love and trust and friendship and all these hours I spend trying to pour just a little bit of Christ's love into their lives isn't in vain.

I do love them... so very much.... and it is wonderful to have a reminder that the feeling is mutual :)

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