Thursday, February 9, 2012

Learning to Pray.

I've said before that my favorite part of a day spent taking care of the boys is the chance to pray with each one as I tuck them into bed. I get to rub their backs or their heads as I use my broken spanish to pray truth into their lives and their hearts. We always pray for dreams that are good and sweet and pray for every member of their family wherever they may be. We thank God for his love and that he made us princes and princesses of God. I've lived here almost 5 months now so this is been a habit that we've been building for awhile. Now as they jump into bed I get to hear "Sammy pray with me!". I've always thought this is good for me... I'm learning to pray in Spanish... but what I've realized lately is that they too are learning to pray.

I recently heard a sermon that said the way to teach a child to pray, is to pray for them. So I figured well, they've been prayed for, it's about time they start praying. One night I just tried saying, I'll go first and then you go next. At first they seemed unsure and we had a few giggles, but now... their prayers knock my socks off. I've heard prayers of repentance, prayers of thanks, prayers that glorify and prayers that praise. We're learning to pray together.

Some of them have caught on to the fact that if they just pray and pray and pray and pray it will keep me sitting on their bed. Sometimes it goes on so long that I have to just say amen  because it really is way past bedtime. But the point is they are legitimately talking to their heavenly father. And I just love love love that I can be there to hear it.

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  1. Sammy --- you need to make a blog post about the boy who just got into school ... unless I missed it!?