Thursday, January 19, 2012

Where is Monterrey?

With frequently asked questions, there were a few that were quick and easy to answer so today I thought I'd do a little rapid fire answering.

Q: Where is Monterrey?

A: Monterrey is located in Northern Mexico about 3 hours south of Texas and 6 hour west of the gulf coast. It is the 3rd largest city in Mexico with a population of about 4 million. It's very industrial and high tech. I like to think of it as my baby step to international living. I may live in another country but, we still have McDonald's and Walmart, malls and movie theaters. Let's just say I wouldn't claim that I'm "roughing it" just quite yet.

Q: Do you just eat tacos all the time?

A: Nope. Sometimes I eat tacos... but as far as everyday food goes. We are blessed to have available to us an H-E-B which is a grocery store that imports a lot of different American products. So I grocery shop and cook for myself most days.That means lots of frozen pizza, grilled cheese and spaghetti.

Q: Do the kids speak English?

A: No not really. They have a few key phrases such as "What is your name?" or "Candy please?". And recently the older girls have been practicing the phrase "Can I go to the bathroom?". They have English class at school however they really don't seem to learn much of anything in that class. So nope, with them it's all Spanish all the time!

I'm almost done with frequently asked questions but if there is something you still want to know, send me an email or facebook message and I'll be happy to answer!!

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