Monday, January 23, 2012

What do you do on weekends?

Well I guess I'll say, back by popular demand... here goes another week of frequently asked questions.

Today I'm answering the question...

Q: What do you do on weekends?

A: Well this answer varies from week to week.

Sometimes we have groups here on the weekends and I am scheduled to work with the group either Saturday, Sunday or both. So then my weekend consists of anything from cooking 160 hamburgers to pouring concrete.

Sometimes we don't have any groups and I take both Saturday and Sunday as days off. On days off... I generally sleep super late, do some laundry, clean my room, watch some episodes of a tv series or a movie and if we're feeling adventurous we might go out to dinner. We being my roommates, neighbor Laura and Caroline generally. For example this past weekend we were feeling like we didn't want to cook so we went to IHOP on Friday night and out for tacos Saturday night. It's not the most lively of a social life, but it's relaxing.

Sometimes I spend my weekend at Caroline's house helping her take care of 4 very sweet but very crazy little boys. For about a year now, as a help to both their mom and their children's home caregiver, Caroline has been bringing 4 brothers that live at Casa Hogar Douglas to stay in her house for a couple weekends each month. We spend our days reading books, swimming in the pool, and just having a blast playing outside. One time we even let them set off fire works...

So like I said, it depends on the weekend. Every weekend here is a little different, to be honest, sometimes life here feels a little confined. We don't have any friends outside of our staff team, and the nature of this city doesn't make it very easy to just pop on over to a cute little coffee shop or a friends house for the day. It's a whole lot bigger and more complicated that sweet little Oxford, Ohio. But I'm adjusting to the change and learning to value my extremely relaxing and extremely lazy weekends.

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