Friday, January 27, 2012

What do you do during a typical week?

Well I was not nearly as consistent this week in my frequently asked questions. This week flew by and blogging just didn't make the cut when it came to deciding what I did and didn't have time for.

However, I decided to answer just one more question and then I will go back to my normal posts with random ramblings about days, moments and thoughts that cross my mind as I live out life here.

Seeing as how I posted about what I do on weekends I have found that begs the question...

Q: What do you do during a typical week?

A: Well much like the weekend, it depends on what is going on around here.

We don't have groups here every week, in fact sometimes we have as many as three weeks in a row without a group. During these weeks, I have managed to carve out a pretty consistent routine. On Mondays and Tuesdays, I am taking care of kids at Casa Hogar Douglas so their caregivers can have days off. The rest of the week I do administrative things, plan activities or have meetings in the mornings, and every afternoon I am back at Douglas for homework and tutoring with several students specifically and pretty much anyone else who will read with me. I love the consistency that I have been able to find in these weeks without groups.

If there is a group visiting I still try to fit in everything I would do during a week without groups, but it's not always successful. Sometimes it means I get up super early and go wake up some my sweet kids, send them to school go work with a group all day and then go back for dinner bath and bed. I just can't pass up the opportunity to tuck them in and pray over each one even if it means working a 17 hour day.

It is likely that I will be on several days during the week with that groups. When I'm on with a group, it means I am leading them to different homes and squatters villages we work with as they have their week long mission trip experience. Every groups has a different rhythm and is a different experience. My favorite thing about working with groups is seeing people's lives changed. God changed my life on a trip here, and he is still using this place to change so many others. 

So those are my "typical weeks" I'm learning that in this business, pretty much every single day is different, but I'd like to think I'm learning to be more spontaneous and roll with the punches :)

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