Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Oziel really likes stickers. Actually likes is an understatement... Oziel looooves stickers. He's always asking for them, and when he gets them he sticks them on and off his face, cheeks, eyes and mouth. It's a comfort thing, much like a normal child would rub the hem of their blanket because it's made of satin, Oziel touches stickers.

Caroline knows this about Oziel... she always has stickers in her backpack to whip out at a moment's notice. But more than this, the nights that we take care of Oziel's dorm, Caroline goes above and beyond. After he's fallen asleep she will gently sneak back to his bed and put stickers on his hand and a few under his pillow. As I watched her do this the other night I was hit with the weight of the love that this shows. It's such a small detail but Caroline knows him so well and knows how loved it will make him feel, so she's happy to do it. 

And as I watched her and thought about that, I literally started to cry. First, because I am so incredibly thankful that Caroline is in Oziel's life and that God is using her to lavish him with love. But also.... because I began to think of how much more God love us. He's aware of the intimate details of our likes and dislikes. He loves and moves in big ways but also in tiny small details. Small things like an awesome sunrise, the parking space right next to the door or even a favorite song on the radio. He knows us and he knows it will make us feel loved so he is happy to do it. He loves us all the way down to the tiniest details and I am left amazed and in awe.

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