Wednesday, January 18, 2012

So are there any Mexican boys????

Like I said before, this series was inspired by the reoccurring questions that I received while home for Christmas break. And there was one question that I just couldn't seem to escape. It was always asked in the same way during a lull in conversation. A sly smile would creep over the asker's face and their eyebrows would raise as they asked "Soooooo any Mexican boys in your life???" What they really want to know is if I am dating a Mexican man. So just to clear up all the questions I figured we could start with that question today.

Q: Any Mexican boys in your life??

A: Unless you are talking about boys under 12 then the answer is no definitely not. That is definitely not a part of the plan for this year. However, there are 20 mexican boys who have absolutely 100% stolen my heart. Which leads to question number two for today.

Q: Do you only work with boys??

A: The answer to this is kind of a yes and no at the same time. At Casa Hogar Douglas (the children's home I work at everyday) there are at this time about 55 kids. About 35 are boys and 20 are girls they live in three boy dorms divided by age and two girl dorms. But, I work every week to give two of the boy's caregivers days off. So that begs the question why just the boys?

Well there are a couple reasons for that.

In a very practical sense, they are a lot easier to care for than the girls because of the nature of boys. They fight physically, girls fight verbally therefore a non native speaker is at a huge disadvantage. The girls also make fun of my Spanish when I fumble a word or don't say something right, by nature they are a little cattier and it makes it really difficult to handle if you haven't mastered their language.

But I think the biggest reason is that the boys seem to be the people group that God has called me to. For whatever reason, they stand out in technicolor to me. I look around at their smiling and giggling faces or hear them yell my name as they run for a hug and my heart feels so full. It all started the summer of 2010 when I actually lived at Douglas for 5 weeks and acted as one of the little boys full time caregivers. For more on that story check out my blog from that first week in 2010 ( I was a mommy to 14 children. ) Everything about me and my view of ministry changed that week. And those little boys most of whom still live in that dorm today, will forever have a stand out to me.

I see the girls everyday too and know all their names and give hugs and laugh and joke with them. I read books with them or supply them with books and homework help when they need it. I love them dearly and want to serve them just as much as any of my boys, but it's just not where God has called me at this point.

So for now, my focus is the boys, it's also God sweetly supplying me with boundaries so I don't go a mile wide rather than a mile deep in ministry.

Just yesterday I stalked them like paparazzi because I just can't get enough of their sweet faces.

So no I am not dating a Mexican man.... but I do have 20 boys that I am in love with! I think it's going to stay that way for quite awhile :)

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