Tuesday, January 10, 2012


They happen frequently with the kids we work with... well really they happen frequently with all kids. However, I think the ones that we get to see come with a little more hurt and a little more anger than most. But why wouldn't they? Every single one of the kids we serve has been abandoned, neglected or abused. Add in the fact that they live in an institution with 50 some other kids and without their parents... well then you can begin to understand the severity and they frequency of the meltdowns I get to see. It can be anything from the socks they are supposed to put on to the the toy they think someone stole from them... you never quite know what's going to set them off. And there are many many many times where their meltdowns try my patience, they catch me off guard and they frustrate me. However.... I am actually kind of beginning to like the meltdowns. Not because they are in pain, not because it means they hit and kick and scream, but because I get to be there for it. I get to talk them through the emotions of that moment, speak truth about who they are, and rub their backs as they just sob. I get to sit on the floor and I get to teach them about dealing with anger and  who God says they are. It's like the meltdown breaks down all these walls they usually put up to protect and hide their hurting heart. It's like it just can't stay down any longer and whatever the trigger may be... it finally makes it overflow into this really hard, but really beautiful meltdown. It's in those moments that I feel like God is using me the most here. I don't always have the right words and I don't always know if I'm giving the best advice, but I'm there and I love it. And oddly enough... even if I was the trigger of the meltdown... our relationship comes out stronger on the other side.

Plus.... sometimes they are just plain cute when they whine....

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