Friday, December 2, 2011

This is my job.

Sometimes the things I do during the a days spent caring for 10 boys just seem silly, ridiculous or trivial. There are so many moments when I look around and say to myself... "I am actually getting paid to do this right now.

Monday I had 4 fourth graders that each had 5 homework assignments, plus one second grader and one fifth grader that had homework. In total it was 23 homework assignments, that for some reason included making 4 drums. But I love these boys and I'm all they've got for that day. So we did 23 homework assignments and even made some really fancy drums. It's just paper, ribbon and plates but I was very proud of our finished products.

Some days I have the incredibly difficult task of playing Nintendo 64 for hours on end. As I do so I randomly scream things in English because it's way to hard to speak Spanish and play at the same time. And ever so sweetly they yell at one another to try and let Sammy win just this once. Not too many people could say they get paid for playing video games.

There have been days where I've sang, danced (while they chanted and giggled about what an ugly dancer I was) and I read books in silly voices, I play soccer (not well might I add) and even eat strange Mexican candy that is kindly given to me by little hands. When I look back at my day sometimes I just laugh at the things I'm asked to do and have to say. For example, just last week I had the privilege of saying, "What were you playing in that has turned every inch of your body and clothing completely white?" ( it was powdered plaster).

But even though moments may seem silly or ridiculous, there is reason that task is in front of me. There is a reason I'm the one that's there in that moment. So I'll continue to be silly and ridiculous and try and fulfill every trivial task. I want to be over the top in my love for them. I pray everyday that the Lord would give me the energy to go the extra mile. Christ loves us and loves them in a way that is so incredibly exuberant and over the top and wildly crazy and I will strive everyday to mirror the tiniest bit of that. Even if it means looking a little ridiculous.

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