Tuesday, December 13, 2011

He's reading!!

It happened awhile ago... he did it. He read a book! Not just recited it from memory while his eyes glazed over the words... he read. He said the sounds and then said the word fast and he pointed to each and every word as he did it. He READ! And he's still reading. Every single day Jose and I do his homework together and then we do as many more educational and reading activities as his little attention span will allow. And I'm seeing progress!!

Now the battle isn't so much the actual skill of reading, as it is the focus and the behavior and all the emotional stuff that clouds his ability and desire to sit down and do well... anything. I'd be lying if I led you to believe that he happily sits down with me everyday and we have a blissful hour of homework. It's a battle, a battle against a lot of things. But I'm continually praying for glory strength and refusing to give up. So I'm going to focus on the positive. The fact of the matter is JOSE CAN READ!! He may not be reading Shakespearean plays or even chapter books anytime soon. But...he's on his way.

And if you asked him, he would proudly tell you that he can read. And that really all that matters to me.

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