Monday, December 12, 2011

Hablo Espanol

I speak Spanish. That fact is still incredible to me and if you asked me, I'd probably still tell you no. But the fact really seemed to hit me this weekend. Maybe it was the thirty some letters I translated from Spanish to English to be sent from kids here to their sponsors in the states. Or maybe it was the almost three hours I spent last night watching my favorite Mexican television program, La Voz Mexico (the Mexican version of The Voice). But for whatever reason, the fact hit me this weekend. I actually speak Spanish.

Now by no means would I call myself fluent... I still have a loooooonnngg way to go. There are many moments where I clam up and can't think of a single word to say and many moments where I have absolutely nooo idea what that person just said.

But... I'm getting by. I am still much much much more confident talking to kids. However, I can maneuver my way through the language enough to read books and homework with kids, pray at bedtime and have genuine conversations with kids about Jesus. I'm even managing to tutor and teach kids to read... in Spanish. I can joke and scold and tease and comfort. Not perfectly, but like I said, I am getting by. And for that I am so incredibly thankful. I know that without the Lord's help none of that would be possible. I took French for seven years... I don't speak Spanish. But the Lord called me to Mexico and here and I am and he has provided in so many ways for me to be here including helping me learn the language. Isn't it great how he doesn't forget a single detail?

Ha ... I speak Spanish... re-reading this blog post literally makes me giggle... How on earth can this be true?? Only with the help of a God who is able to do immeasurabely more than all we ask or imagine.

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