Monday, November 14, 2011

The Prayer of a Child.

This post is kind of a continuation of the one below because it happened on the very same night. Anyways, as I was in the process of putting the boys to sleep that night I went around as usual and prayed with each one. Normally I do most of the praying and they just agree in their heads, add anything they think I’m missing and then we say “amen”. It’s always one of my favorite parts of the day. I cherish the opportunity to proclaim truth over them and pray for protection from the nightmares that some many of them experience each night. But this night Rodrigo’s prayer in particular stood out amongst the rest. I guess I should back track a bit and tell you a little more about Rodrigo. Rodrigo is 12 years old and the oldest of three siblings that were dropped off at the children’s home in March. He looooves to sing and proudly told us last week that he dreams of one day being a worship leader and telling everyone that God loves them and has a plan for their lives. I’m telling you, this kid can preach. And for a long time this is the only side of Rodrigo that we knew, the one that is happy go lucky, loves to sing and loooves the Lord. However, a few weeks ago it finally came to light that Rodrigo has really been having a hard time in school. More so, he just refuses to do pretty much anything at school. It is not because he is lazy, or not smart or a bad kid. It’s because he’s hurting. It’s because he can’t control anything in his life so he’ll find control in whatever area possible. And for Rodrigo, that’s his schoolwork. He has the power to refuse, that he can control, so he will. Yesterday I asked Rodrigo about all this, about why it was he wasn’t working in school. He basically told me his heart was too full of anger and sadness to try and work on anything else. We talked about how he could try to give his hurt and his sadness to God and ask for God to give him the strength to work in school. But honestly at the end of the conversation I wasn’t sure I had been much of a help. So all that to lead up to the point where Rodrigo called me over to his bed and said he wanted to pray. I knelt down by his bed and closed my eyes and Rodrigo began to speak truth over me. He gave thanks to God, that I let them use my cell phone and the N64 to play games. He praised God and thanked God for me and my life. He prayed that I would know just how much the boys love me and that I would know just how much more God loves me. He gave thanks for the work God is doing in my life. He gave thanks that I am here to encourage them and help them and love them. He prayed that God would give me the strength to keep working. And he prayed it all in the name of our wonderful savior Jesus. I was pretty much dumbfounded and couldn’t think of anything to say but thank you, I love you, goodnight. I really just wanted to cry right there. I was so incredibly humbled by his words. I know his life circumstances; I know his heart is hurting, yet he had the faith and selflessness to cry out to his heavenly father on my behalf. That night I was blessed beyond measure by the prayer of a 12 year old orphan. Lord, I pray for a heart like Rodrigo, a heart that is sold out and dependent on you even when I am hurting. When life seems unfair and out of control I pray that I would look beyond circumstances and with the faith of a child cry out to my heavenly father and give thanks. Amen.

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  1. Wow, Sammy. Blessed are the Poor in Spirit. How great to be blessed when you set out to do the blessings. I'm so glad God has you here.