Wednesday, November 30, 2011

It's beginning to feel... a little... like Christmas!

Christmas is less than a month away... and up until this point it hasn't really felt like the holidays... Thanksgiving just isn't the same without the parade and football and warm snuggly sweaters.

However, this week it's finally starting to get cold here. I actually got to break out my North Face and GLOVES yesterday! But it's beginning to feel more like Christmas for reasons bigger than the weather.

This week we have a group of 30 women here who have named themselves the "Christmas Ladies". They are bringing Christmas in various forms to each and every children's home that we work with. Yesterday was their first day and they started things off with an all out Christmas extravaganza at Casa Hogar Douglas complete with crafts, cookies, 32 pizzas, Christmas performances, Christmas carols and candles. It was a little bit crazy... but what Christmas party with 70 children isn't?

After all the madness the night ended with one beautifully calm moment. Each child was given a candle. Not gonna lie... I had extreme reservations about giving each child an open flame. But to my surprise no one died. No one caught on fire. And instead, it was beautiful calm and quiet as we sang Silent Night in our respective languages. It was so beautiful it brought tears to my eyes to see each little face that I love glowing in the dark.

And it finally started to feel like Christmas :)

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