Thursday, November 17, 2011

Feliz Cumpleanos Jair!

Meet Jair. Two weeks ago he turned 10 years old. And I had the incredible privilege of attending his surprise birthday party. Recently Jair had new caregivers move in to take care of him and they went above and beyond for Jair’s birthday. There were balloons hung glitter signs made and cakes baked. We all hid upstairs with the lights off and when Jair opened the door we yelled “Feliz Cumpleanos!” and started singing the Mexican happy birthday song. Jair was beaming. We then ate spaghetti and pizza (which is a huuuge treat around here) and played some N64. It was a great night. But the best thing about it was that anyone who looked at Jair’s face knew that he felt so loved. You see, Jair is kind of a special kid. About a year ago a group of audiologists came on a medical trip with Back2Back and decided to do some hearing screenings at Casa Hogar Douglas. The kids were told to raise their hand when they heard the high pitch sound coming through the head phone. When it was Jair’s turn to go, he never raised a single hand. The doctors figured the machine wasn’t working and tested it themselves just to be sure. As it turns out, the machine was totally fine. In fact, it was Jair’s ears that had the problem. He was born prematurely and then apparently experienced repeated undiagnosed and repeatedly untreated ear infections causing him to lose nearly all of his hearing. However, no one had any idea that this kid was nearly deaf. Suddenly his speech and behavior problems along with his constant yelling finally made sense. For years people had made fun of him and called him dumb. He was never the cool kid in school. Plus, he was constantly scolded him for not listening or following directions. Little did they know Jair is actually really smart and has actually taught himself to read lips. So, as soon as this discovery was made Jair was changed to a school for kids with special needs and with this change his self-esteem and confidence sky rocketed. He was finally supported and encouraged and school and now he loooves learning. And on this night, the night of his birthday, you could see his confidence coming out of every bit of his being. He felt loved, he felt important and most of all he felt really really cool. Here are some pictures from his awesome party ☺

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