Monday, October 31, 2011

Playing Dress Up!

For about a year now my roommate Caroline has been working to weekly give each of the caregivers at Casa Hogar Douglas a day off by taking over their dorm full of children for that day. Since I moved here I have begun joining Caroline in this, so either one of two days a week I spend at Douglas taking care of children.

Last Thursday Caroline and I decided that in a bit of the Halloween spirit we would play dress up with the 4 preschool age boys. We brought two fireman costumes and two pirate costumes. We dressed them up and of course immediately had a photo shoot.

Some of the older boys even wanted to join in on the fun.

Aren’t they just adorable???

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  1. Sammy,
    I just discovered your blog via facebook. Sounds like you are doing amazing things with these little boys and the pictures in this post were simply adorable. God will do great things through you.
    I'll be praying for you and all the little ones
    Michelle (Huddle) Hahn