Sunday, August 15, 2010

An attempt to sum it all up...

Well it's been 2 weeks now since I have been back in the states, but I figured I should update one more time just to sum up my summer.
This summer was unlike any other for me. I look back to my second post on here where I said I knew things were going to be different (the Lord had been so kindly preparing me)... but I could never anticipate how different things really were. If I tried to sit here and describe my summer in detail it could go on all day, so I've decided to just write about one little part, my boys.

The most memorable part of my summer was the opportunity God gave me to live in a children's home and be a primary caregiver to 14 boys 2-8 years old... in a word, I LOVED it. My heart was absolutely and completely stolen by these boys. My weeks living there were exhausting physically and emotionally. But really, it didn't matter because I love those kids. I broke up hundreds of fights, had to enforce time outs, listened to many many whiney temper tantrums and took a few hits from flailing and angry children. But, I also got to rub their backs until they fell asleep, cuddle on the couch as we watched Scooby Doo, do cartwheels in the field after dinner and bath and dress 14 boys each night. I am basically obsessed with these children... I love each of them and would do anything for them. But all this love that I have in my heart for them I know is not of myself... I mean what 20 year old from Centerville, Ohio falls in love with 14 Mexican orphans? I know all this obsessing love is God loving these kids through me and it is just a fraction of the huge and overwhelming love that he has for them. These boys are not normal kids. They walk around with so much anger and so much hurt and the fact that the Lord could use me to maybe bind up little bits of their broken hearts is the greatest honor I can imagine.

I have missed my boys everyday since I have been back in the states. I can't even spend more than a minute thinking about them without my eyes stinging and tears welling up. I know, it is likely that I will never be their caregiver again... some of them I may never see again. But I have to believe that God had me and the other interns and staff living there for a very specific reason this summer. I have to believe that those 5 weeks were a part of a plan that I may not ever understand.I know God has already used my experiences, this summer, to stir big things in my heart. I have no idea what all that will look like yet, but I do know I'm excited to find out.

There was so much more to my summer that I can't even quite put into words yet. I learned new things about myself, new things about God and saw him show up in HUGE ways. I met some amazing new people and built even stronger relationships with old friends. Oh yeah, and I survived a hurricane! It certainly was an amazing summer. Now I'm on to my next adventure... student teaching. 25 first graders... here I come.

When I left I told the my boys who weren't home for summer vacation that I had to go to school in the states for a year to learn how to be a teacher... but that I would hopefully be back to visit and maybe a little longer after that. I just don't think God's finished with me in Monterrey... but right now I'm just waiting to see where he leads :)


  1. I love you, Sammy Mathews. Just as much as you love those boys. YAY JESUS!

  2. Sammy, You litterally spent your summer here "binding up broken hearts!" I believe you changed the course of history for those 14 boys and their lives will never be the same! Their story is not over with yet!