Sunday, July 4, 2010

A quick hurricane update.

Hi! I don't really have time right now to post pictures or anything, but you can go to some of the other B2B blogs and they have posted a few already.

I really don't even know how to write about everything right now, so here is all I can say.

Please pray for the people of this city. I don't know if you really heard but we got hit with a pretty big hurricane that has pretty much destroyed our property flooded the city and wiped away hundreds of homes of the people we serve. And to top it off I was stuck in bed with a over a 102 degree fever for 2 days. But i don't have a fever today so things are looking up. But we could really use prayer, prayer that no more people get sick, the water is filled with disease, prayers that our staff team has energy to keep rebuilding and to bring relief to our ministry areas.

I'll try and update more thoroughly soon!

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