Sunday, June 27, 2010

A few quick stories.

Sorry it's been awhile since I have updated and I don't really have time at the moment to delve into any of my deep thoughts about all that I'm experiencing. However, I will share some quick stories...

1. Today I cleaned 5 bathrooms... I highly dislike cleaning bathrooms... this is what I do for Jesus.

2. Today I also learned that "going number two" in spanish means the same thing as "going number two" in English.

3. I spent 7 hours sorting donations yesterday... it was rough... I'm the donation princess this summer, I even have a crown :)

4. This week Isai called me up into his bed and asked me to tell him a story of me, my mom and my dad... I almost just started crying right there... My heart is being broken over and over again for these children.

5. One day last week I woke up dressed 14 children sent them off to school, went to another children's home dug holes all day and then went back and bathed my 14 children and put them to bed... that was a long day.

This is my life in Mexico :)

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